Senior Art Director
Over a decade experience
in Advertising


I have been working for big network agencies in Zürich for the past 12 years. I started in 2007, with an internship at Havas (then, Euro RSCG) then moved on to hone my skills and experience agency transformations at Publicis in 2011. I’m currently Senior Art Director at Jung von Matt/Limmat where I have been since End of 2018.

For the anecdote I couldn’t speak a word of German when I started in this profession 12 years ago. Although I have never taken much german lessons, beside a lingering accent – I am now fluent.

French by birth, I have been raised around the world only to end up perchance in Switzerland. I am now proudly Swiss.
I believe my job description changes everyday.

Over the past years I have had the chance to work on renowned advertising campaigns for national and international brands. Throughout my work I have gathered experience in many fields, like photography, design, digital and new technologies to make the best out of my creativity.

Despite the world changing at an exponential rate and making my job description always longer, the core of my job, essence of my daily duty never changed. Whether I promote a service in a spot, a product on TikTok, or develop a brand’s social media channel – it’s about communication.

I conceptualize ideas, develop communication mechanisms and realize campaigns and build brands.

I work in close relationship with our clients, manage production processes, budgets and teams.
What drives my creativity is the excitement of finding  the right ideas to tell the best stories for our clients convincing them to go ahead. And always outdoing ourselves reach for the best execution possible.
I have grown ever so hungry for ideas and exciting communication in general but also for more responsible communication.

Throughout the years, thanks to experiences and inspiring bosses, I have become sensitive to how and what we, as advertisers, communicate.
I strongly believe that advertising bears responsibility towards society.

I like to believe that advertising can change the world a little bit and I carry that responsibility with me everyday in every part of my job.

Brands I worked for:
Zürich Tourismus, Mobiliar, Migros, M-Budget, Sunrise, Sanofi, SWISS, Swiss WorldCargo, Salt, UBS, Renault, Dacia, Jura, Heineken, Orell Füssli, V ZUG, Credit Suisse, Zürcher Kammer Orchester, Migros Classics, Swisscable, Peugeot.